Katakataka | PIA Eastern Visayas (@pia_ev)

The “katakataka” (hindi kapani-paniwala in filipino) (wonder plant) or kataka-taka which is an adjective meaning ‘astonishing’ or ‘remarkable, whose roots are tightly implanted on Philippine soil, is the link that binds the symbolized figure to the allegorical Philippine Group. “Katakataka” is really a wonder plant. It is called siempre vivo (always alive) in Spanish.

Katakataka is popular in the Philippines and is usually sold at a price of Php 50 for a small pot.

A leaf or a piece of it thrown anywhere will sprout into a young plant. Hence, it symbolizes the deep-rooted patriotism in the heart of our heroes. Such patriotism continually and forever grows anywhere in the Philippines.”

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