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Today we celebrate 73 years of diplomatic relations with our neighbor archipelago Indonesia! We’re pretty familiar with our shared linguistic similarities, so this time let’s look back at this interesting FALSE FRIENDS ALERT! In the Javanese language of Indonesia, there is a very similar word that is the complete opposite of the Kapampángan word for “forgot”!

to forget (object focus)
Root Word: lingó “disoriented”
Tagálog: kalimútan (root word: límot “forget”)

False Friends
KÈLINGAN “to remember”
Root Word: éling “remember”
(Kapampángan: ganakan)

KÉLINGUAN “forgot”
Root Word: lingó “disoriented”
(Javanese: lali)

Credits to @aldienay_96 for sharing the Javanese word with us!

Root Word
(1) disoriented, distracted, scatterbrained
(2) forgetful
Tagálog: (1) sabóg (slang; literally means “scattered, dispersed”, from root word sábog “explode”)
(2) malimutín

Verb Conjugation
kalinguan, kakalinguan, kélinguan – to forget something (Object Focus)
ákalinguan, ákakalinguan, ákalinguan – to have forgotten something (Object Focus)
makalinguan, makakalinguan, mékalinguan – to be forgotten (Stative / Actor Focus)
mangalinguan, mángalinguan, méngalinguan – to become forgetful (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Kélinguán né ing pámangan. [Kap]
Kinalimútan niya ang pagkáin. [Tag]
S/he forgot the food. [Eng]

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