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Letran Bataan Directory | @LetranBataan

ATTENTION: Please take note of the UPDATED Letran Bataan Directory.

E-mail: admissions@letranbataan.edu.ph
Mobile: 0921-939-1624
Fb messenger: m.me/letranbataan

Alumni and Public Relations Department
E-mail: apr@letranbataan.edu.ph
Mobile: 0921-939-1624
Fb messenger: m.me/letranbataan

Department of Student Affairs
E-mail: studentaffairs@letranbataan.edu.ph
Number: 0950-789-2000

Financial Affairs Division
E-mail: letranbataan-ar@letranbataan-edu.ph
Fb account: fb.com/letranbataan.ar

Guidance Counselling, Testing, and Placement
E-mail: guidance@letranbataan.edu.ph
Fb page: fb.com/LetranBataanGuidance
Fb messenger: m.me/LetranBataanGuidance

Information Technology Services Department
Fb page: fb.com/ITSDLetran
Fb messenger: m.me/ITSDLetran

Library and Media Services
E-mail: library@letranbataan.edu.ph
Fb page: fb.com/LetranBataanLibrary

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