Lourdes Church

lourdes church
Lourdes Church | Renacimiento Manila (@rebirth,manila) | Powerpoint Art by Diego Torres @egong.von

LOURDES CHURCH (CAPUCHINOS) – original Capuchin shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

The last of the seven churches to be built in prewar Intramuros. First Franciscan Capuchin chapel built in 1891, dedicated to the Divina Pastora. Veneration of Our Lady of Lourdes began in 1892.

The new church started construction in 1897, delayed by Revolution and the American invasion. The completed church was dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes as promised by the Capuchins for sparing the city from bombardment.

The church was destroyed in 1945 and most Capuchins were massacred by the Japanese. A new church was built in Quezon City. The site is now occupied by the El Almanecer compound for arts, books, and souvenirs.

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Powerpoint Art by Diego Torres @egong.von

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