Made in the Philippines Product Week

Made in the Philippines Product Week
Made in the Philippines Product Week | @pia_ev

Made in the Philippines Product Week (August 17-23, 2022) [Proclamation No.76. s.1936]

“It is a natural trait among the peoples of all enlightened countries to love and to feel special regard for the things that they consider their own.

Economic protectionism that is animated by a sane and sound spirit of nationalism is a universally accepted rule of national conduct. The observance of this spirit has been a potent factor in the development of many strong and progressive nations.

The people of the Philippine Islands would do well to cultivate and develop this same spirit of economic nationalism among themselves for their own welfare and benefit and for the greater progress and development of this Archipelago.

The expansion and great development of local industries will bring more wealth, prosperity, and happiness to all the people living in these Islands.

The Philippines is richly endowed with the precious gifts of nature. We have here an abundance of the basic materials of industry.

To a certain extent, we have begun to avail ourselves of these natural facilities and advantages for industrial growth, but our local industries are still comparatively few and relatively undeveloped.

Most of them remain in their earlier stages of growth. In the meantime, many of our domestic needs that could be fully supplied with local products have to be provided for with considerable importations of foreign articles.

In order to give the necessary encouragement and stimulus to domestic industries, the people of this country should patronize Philippine products.” — Frank Murphy, former Governor-General of the Philippine Islands.

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