Pagatpatan | National Museum Bohol (@natmuseumbohol)


It’s high tide at the beach in Sta. Filemona, Alburquerque, Bohol. Locals call their place Sta. Fe.

Located in Purok 1, the beach is called “Pagatpatan” owing to the type of mangrove growing abundantly in the area.

Do you know that mangrove forests are carbon-rich ecosystems? Mangrove forests are Marine Protected Areas as they are crucial in mitigating the threats of climate change, as well as providing coastal protection and food security.

If these ecosystems will be corrupted, their carbon sink capacity may be lost or harmed, allowing the carbon to be unconstrained, then emitted which could further trigger climate change. Committed conservation of these marine ecosystems remains a challenge to us, humans, in our role to regulate climate change.

Nestled in the mangrove forests of Albur, particularly in Sta. Fe is the last center of Asin Tibuok production – a unique and threatened Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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