Pamilacan Island

pamilacan island
An aerial view of Pamilacan Island | Photo by: Angel Baldapan, Jr.

Pamilacan Island

National Museum Bohol gives you an aerial view of Pamilacan Island – known for its abundant marine ecosystem.

Pamilacan Island is part of the Bohol Marine Triangle where 18 species of dolphins and whales can be found.

Some of these are

  1. spinner dolphins,
  2. spotted dolphins,
  3. bottlenose dolphins,
  4. dwarf sperm whales,
  5. melon-headed whales,
  6. Risso’s dolphins,
  7. short-finned pilot whales,
  8. Bryde’s whales, and
  9. Blue whales.

In fact, the Bohol Sea is known as the breeding grounds of these friendly marine mammals.

Sightseers usually start traveling as early as six o’clock in the morning from the coast of Baluarte in Baclayon for them to enjoy the spectacular view of dolphins jumping out of the waters and doing somersaults.

It is important to note that these mammals are protected and therefore all must keep up to the government’s regulations for its protection, preservation, and conservation.

At this vantage point, one will see a distant view of the island’s 200-year-old watchtower built in the Spanish-era which was declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines.

Source: @natmuseumbohol

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