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The Postal ID card or Philpost ID is the most highly sought Philippine government identification card.

It is readily available upon application at any Philpost branches nationwide.

The Postal ID costs P504 inclusive of VAT and delivery fee.

This identification card is probably the most convenient and easiest way for the ordinary Filipino to possess.

The cost of acquiring one may be prohibitive for the poorest of the poor but getting one is relatively less complicated and have a long validity term of 3 years.

The Comelec or voter’s id used to be the cheapest and most accessible government-issued identification card but have you tried applying for one?

Now you know how inefficient this government agency is in producing and distributing the ID to the voters.

You may have noticed lately that most government institutions and banks require at least two identification cards. One Primary Identification card and one secondary identification card.

Most Filipinos prefer to get a PhilHealth card in addition to the Postal ID as it is one of the easiest and most accessible as well as cost-efficient identification card.

The Postal ID will do more than prove once identity as a Filipino citizen but also be used in other transactions.

postal id

Possessing a Postal ID as your primary Identification Card and a Philhealth Card as your secondary identification is good enough to ascertain your identity by the government institution or financial institution to whom you will be transacting your business.

Once you decide to get a Postal ID, Here are the requirements:

Bring the original copy and photocopy of the following documents:

I. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished PID application form

II. PROOF OF IDENTITY – Submit any one (1) of the following:

• Birth Certificate Issued by NSO or Local Civil Registry
Valid Driver’s License
• Valid Passport

Married females must bring their marriage certificate to validate a change of name from the birth document.

Applicants with no Birth Certificate, UMID Card, Driver’s License or Passport may submit ANY TWO (2) of the following documents, at least one of which should bear the applicant’s photo and signature:


•Baptismal Certificate

•Certificate of Birth

•College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records

•Confirmation Certificate

•Elementary or High School Form 137

•Marriage Certificate

•Valid Alumni ID

•Valid Basic Postal ID

•Valid College, School or University ID

•Valid Company ID

•Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID

Valid NBI Clearance

•Valid OWWA ID

•Valid Pag-Ibig ID

•Valid PhilHealth ID

•Valid PRC ID

•Valid Paper-based Postal ID

•Valid Police Clearance

•Valid Seaman’s Book

•Valid Senior Citizen ID

•Valid Tax Identification Number Card

•Valid Voter’s ID

III. PROOF OF ADDRESS – Submit any one (1) of the following:

• Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three (3 months) prior to PID application

• Certified True Copy of Lease

• Certified True Copy of Titles issued by the Land Registration Authority (LRA)

• Certified True Copy of Real Estate Tax Receipt

• Bank Statement

• Credit Card Statement

• School Billing Statement

• Utility Bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

Application requirements for foreign residents:

1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished application form


a. Passport – must be valid for at least six (6) months prior to application

b. Any one (1) of the following documents relative to the stay in the Philippines valid for at least six (6) months prior to application
•Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACRI-Card)
•Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE)
•Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
•Diplomatic Visa
•Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)

3. PROOF OF ADDRESS – Submit any one (1) of the following:
•Barangay Certificate of Residency – issued within three (3) months prior to PID
•Certification or statement of account from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to application
•Certification from hotel, transient home or any temporary residence within three (3) months prior to application
•Notarized, if applicable, Land, House or Condominium Lease Contract
•Bank statement
•Credit card statement
•School billing statement
•Utility bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

Just bring two (2) copies of the duly-accomplished PID application form and your existing Postal ID to upgrade to the Improved Postal ID.

Application for Postal ID Card Form may be downloaded from this link

You can file your application for a Postal ID to any Post office in the Philippines.

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    • try to get a postal id from the postal service where you reside. Postal Id has been
      recognized not only of DFA and BSP but other Philippine National Offices as a primary
      id which means that it is credible. All Municipalities in the Philippines has a Postal
      Office, apply for your postal id in the postal office of your residence. All that is required
      is proof that you are a residence so just present your residence certificate or cedula.

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