NBI Rescued Kidnap Victim In Mangatarem Pangasinan

By | August 1, 2015


2 Suspects were arrested by the NBI in Mangatarem Pangasinan for

kidnapping a businessman from Batangas, Philippines.

  • Mangatarem is a first class and largest municipality in the province
    of Pangasinan.
  • Mangatarem derived its name from the combination of the Ilocano word
    “Manga ken Tirem” which means “mango and oyster”.
  • The Population of Mangatarem Pangasinan as of the 2010 Philippine
    census is 69,969.
  • Mangatarem Pangasinan nearest municipalities are Aguilar and
    Urbiztondo located also in Pangasinan and Camiling, a municipality
    of Tarlac province.


The Kidnapping victim is allegedly related to the mastermind of the

kidnapping. They are allegedly related as first cousin.


The NBI National Capital Region agents were able to tracked the 2

kidnap for ransom suspects in Mangatarem Pangasinan. The Suspects

were swiftly disarmed and floored on the ground.


The Kidnap victim was successfully rescued with some bruises and

injuries in different parts of his body but the arrested

suspects denied that they kidnapped the victim.


Francisco Quiamko, one of the arrested suspects denied that he

kidnap the victim and that he was led to believe that he and the

other suspects will just collect some debt against the victim.


A CCTV footage of one supermarket in Lipa Batangas showed that the

victim was approaching his vehicle when he was kidnapped by 3 armed

men and forced to a getaway van.


The victim when interviewed said that the suspects tied his hands

and feet and blindfolded. He is warned by the suspects not to move

or else he will be killed.


The Suspects demanded 30 million pesos as ransom.


The NBI were able to recover from the suspects 2 caliber 45

pistols, live bullets and celfons used in communicating with

other members of the kidnap for ransom group. There vehicle was

also confiscated by the NBI.


Atty.Max Salvador, the NBI Regional Director of the National

Capital Region said that there primordial consideration in their

operation was the safety of the kidnap victim. He said a case of

serious illegal detention will be filed against the suspects.


The brother of the victim praised the NBI for their systematic and

professional operation which resulted in the successful rescue of

the victim in Mangatarem Pangasinan.

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