2 Drug Suspects Arrested In San Mateo Rizal

2 Drug Suspects were arrested in a buy-bust operation in San Mateo Rizal.

The 2 Suspects were caught in flagrante delicto selling Marijuana, a prohibited drug in the Philippines, to some high school students.

Based on the tip of an asset, the San Mateo Rizal Police came to know the racket of the suspect, Reynaldo Miranda, a 42 years old man.

The Police Asset ordered a P2,000 worth of Marijuana through a text message sent to the suspect Reynaldo Miranda.

When the transaction was consummated, the San Mateo Police immediately took into custody the suspect Reynaldo Miranda and his companion Arnel Garcia for violating the Philippine Drug Law.

Confiscated from the 2 suspects were 1 kilo of marijuana, 1 pistol and 1 improvised firearm with a live bullet.

Aside from the 3 items confiscated by the police as an incident to a lawful arrest, the suspect’s motorcycle used in the conduct of his illegal drug selling was also confiscated.

According to San Mateo Rizal Police Superintendent Ruben Piquero, the suspects usually sell the drugs with intimidation by showing their illegal firearms to the buyers who are mostly high school students.

The Police confirmed that it was Reynaldo Miranda who sell illegal drugs to some high school students in San Mateo Rizal.

On September 2, 2014, the alleged act of the suspect in selling Marijuana was discovered by the Police when one of the students clearly identified the suspect. The suspect Reynaldo Miranda was identified by the student through his alias Popoy.

Parents of the high school students were delighted by the arrest of the suspect saying that other students will now be safe from drugs.

Suspect Reynaldo Miranda insisted that he was not the one who sold Marijuana to the students.

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