225 Million Worth Of Shabu Confiscated From 2 Suspects


225 million worth of shabu was intercepted by Philippine

law enforcement agencies from 2 suspects.


5 kilos of shabu worth P5 million peso was the agreed price

transaction agreed upon by the under cover agent of the Quezon

City Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Group and a

certain Gary Go.


The transaction was agreed to be consummated in a certain

place in West Avenue Quezon City.


After the payment was made using a marked money, the suspect

was immediately arrested as well as the woman accompanying

the suspect and later identified to be his live-in partner.


After the arrest, search was made in his car, this is allowed

under the law, search incident to a lawful arrest is allowed

under Philippine Law.


While searching the suspect’s vehicle, the law enforcement

officers were surprised to discover 3 more bags containing

40 kilos of shabu popularly known in the Philippines as the

poor man’s cocaine.


The total amount of the confiscated illegal drugs totaled

225 million pesos.


Chief Inspector Roberto Razon, the Chief of the Quezon City

Drugs Unit said that the case lasted for almost one month

of surveillance casing operation. They conducted the casing

not only in Quezon City and Metro Manila but also in nearby



Based on the ID Cards recovered from the suspect, he is also

using the name Edgar Yu. It is believed that the suspect is

connected with the other big time drug suspects arrested in

the previous months.


Chief Superintendent Joel Pagdilao, the Director of the

Quezon City Philippine National Police said that they

are connecting the dots of all the informations they gathered

as a result of their successful operations to be able to

find out who is the source or supplier of the drugs

confiscated. He further said that this syndicate is very big

because of the quantity of the drugs intercepted, only two

person is acting as courier is an indication that this

syndicate is huge.


This is the largest amount of drugs intercepted for this year

in just one operation.


Under the law, RA 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive

Dangerous Act of 2002, A mere possession of 50 grams of

shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride will make the

possessor liable to be imprisoned for life regardless of

the purity of the drug confiscated.