Woman Arrested For Illegal Recruitment In Gen.Trias Cavite

A woman was arrested by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) for Illegal Recruitment in Gen.Trias Cavite.

  • Illegal recruitment is committed when two elements concur, namely:
    1. The offender has no valid license or authority required by law
    to enable one to lawfully engage in recruitment and placement
    of workers; and
    2. He undertakes either any activity within the meaning of
    “recruitment and placement” defined under Art. 13 (b), or any
    of the prohibited practices enumerated under Art. 34 of the Labor
  • The penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of One Hundred thousand
    Pesos (P100,000) shall be imposed if illegal recruitment constitutes
    economic sabotage.
  • Illegal recruitment when committed by a syndicate or in large scale
    shall be considered an offense involving economic sabotage. Illegal
    recruitment is deemed committed by a SYNDICATE if carried out by
    a group of three (3) or more persons conspiring or confederating
    with one another. It is deemed committed in large scale if committed
    against three (3) or more persons individually or as a group.


The arrest was made after more than one month of surveillance against the arrested suspect.


She is allegedly conducting an illegal recruitment seminar when arrested.


The CIDG which is accompanied by the POEA entered the house where the illegal recruitment seminar was being held.


Inside the house was more or less 100 overseas employment worker applicants.


The alleged illegal recruitment offender was identified as Joy Callo.


The Illegal Recruitment violator allegedly misled the applicants to believe that they will work in Milan, Italy with an hourly pay of 10 euro. She further promised that within 3 months, the applicant may immediately leave for Italy.


The arrested suspect for Illegal recruitment further demanded that the applicant pay P3,500 for the medical checkup. She required the applicant to pay P150,000 as placement fee which will be deducted from their salary for 3 years.


The POEA said that the accused is not licensed to operate as a recruitment agency.

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