LTO License Renewal

I am an OFW and I am frustrated that every time I take my vacation every after 2 years, I have to renew my driver’s license.


It is good news that lto license renewal is now easier and the driver’s license has now a validity of 5 years.


LTO License Renewal Fees are minimal.


The license fee is just 585 pesos excluding other fees like computer fees.


The total cost will not exceed 1,000 pesos.


If your license is expired, aside from the LTO License Renewal Fee, you have to pay the additional penalty fee.


The Penalty fee is 75 pesos if expired for 1 year and below and 150 pesos if expired for more than 1 year.


The Notice posted by the Land Transportation Office says that for a new license, you have to pay the 100 pesos application fee, the 585 license fee, and the 67.63 computer fee for the total cost of 752.63 pesos.


The Notice also says that for a dormant license, delinquent for more than 2 years, the license applicant needs to pay the following:

1. Application fee 100 pesos

2. License Fee 585 pesos

3. Penalty fee 225 pesos

4. Computer fee 67.63 pesos

Total of 977.63 pesos.


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