Philippine Army Officer Candidate Course

By | September 1, 2016


The Philippine Army Officer Candidate Course is one of the ways

of becoming an officer in the Philippine Army.


There are generally 3 ways of becoming a Philippine Army



1. PMA – Philippine Military Academy

2. ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Course

3. OCC – Officer Candidate Course


For those who are interested to become a Philippine Army

Officer through the Officer Candidate Course, the following

are the basic qualifications:


1. Must be a Filipino Citizen

2. Must have a degree in any 4 or 5 year course

3. Must be at least 5 feet in height

4. Must be 21 to 29 years old.


The Basic Requirements are the Following:

1. NSO Birth Certificate

2. Transcript of Records and College Diploma

3. Valid ID


Once admitted as an officer candidate course student, you

may expect a monthly salary of 33,725 pesos.


Once you graduate, you will be given the rank of 2nd

lieutenant and you may expect a monthly salary of

38,145 pesos.


Oftentimes, Filipinos are not aware of the ongoing

recruitment unless they have a relative in the military

who knows of the ongoing recruitment.


The only reliable way to know if recruitment is on going

is to call or visit the nearest military camp in your


3 thoughts on “Philippine Army Officer Candidate Course

    1. Berto

      Bring the following 1.NSO Birth Certificate 2:Transcript of Records and College Diploma 3.Valid ID Personally go and apply. You may inquire at this number 0927-332-1077 and 0915682-4025 if recruitment is still open.


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