Philippine Air Force C295

By | December 20, 2015


Philippine Air Force C295 cargo plane now numbered to three.


C 295  is classified as a medium lift aircraft.


The 1st Philippine Air Force C295 plane was delivered in March 2016.


The 2nd C295 plane was delivered in September 2015.


The 3rd C295 plane was delivered in December 2015.


A C295 medium lift plane was reported to be capable of carrying 71 passengers or 50 paratroopers or up to 20,000 lbs. of cargo.


It is also capable of carrying 3 light vehicles.


It also has a maximum cruising speed of 260 knots and take off and land in short and rough airfields.


The C295 aircraft has various variants:

  1. The C295M military transport version, which the Philippines
  2. C-295MPA/Persuader, which is a Maritime patrol/anti-submarine
    warfare version. It has provision for six hardpoints.
  3. AEW&C. which is a prototype airborne early warning and control
    version with 360 degree radar dome.
  4. C-295W, which is an enhanced performance version with winglets
    and uprated engines announced in 2013.
  5. AC-295 Gunship, which is a gunship version.


This acquisitions will enhanced the capability of the Philippine Air Force to conduct Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR) operations as well as perform its traditional role of providing airlift requirement of the entire Armed Forces of The Philippines.

philippine air force c295

The 3 Philippine Air Force C295 medium lift cargo plane cost P2.59 billion.


The Plane will be used in support of the existing C130 cargo plane of the Philippine Air Force which is bigger and can carry heavier cargo’s and loads.


The Philippine Air Force has 3 active C130 cargo planes.


2 more are expected to be acquired from the US as a US foreign military sales program.


The Philippine Air Force C295 is expected to replace in the future the existing Fokker F-27 currently being used by the Philippine Air Force to complement the C130.


The Fokker F-27 was the last new military transport plane bought by the Philippine government in the 1980’s.


Hopefully, with these acquisitions and more on the pipeline will enable the Philippine Air Force to fully perform its functions and mandate under the law.

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