Philippine Mutual Funds: Some of the Best Ones

So you decided to invest your hard-earned money in Philippine  Mutual Funds.

You made the smartest decision of your life.

Here are the reasons why?

1. Your money is managed by a professional fund manager who works full time to give you the best possible return on your investment.

2. You need not have to invest a substantial amount of money. Some Philippine Mutual Funds accept 1,000 pesos as the minimum amount required. So even a lowly security guard or saleslady can invest.

3. Your money will be diversified. It will be invested in various stocks and bonds of some of the best corporations in the Philippines and abroad depending on the type of Philippine Mutual Funds company you invest your money.

4. You can easily convert your investment into cash if you needed the money.

5. Your money is secured. Under the Investment Act law of the Philippines, Philippine Mutual Funds are highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.

6. Your money has the potential to earn more money than by putting your money in a time deposit or savings account deposit.

7. Your gains or income from mutual funds are not subject to tax.

Remember that your income from your time deposit and savings account deposit or even UITF is subject to a 20% withholding tax.

Here are some of the licensed Philippine Mutuals Funds That You May consider investing your hard-earned money in.

Stocks Fund
ALFM Growth Fund Inc.
ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund Inc.
ATRAM AsiaPlus Equity Fund
ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund Inc.
First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund Inc.
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund Inc.
Philam Strategic Growth Fund Inc.
Philequity Divident Yield Fund Inc.
Philequity Fund Inc.
Philequity PSE Index Fund Inc.
Philippine Stock Index Fund Corp.
Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund Inc.
United Fund Inc.

Balanced Fund
ATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund Inc.
ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund Inc.
Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund Inc.
Coco Life Dollar Fund Builder Inc.
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Inc.
NCM Mutual Fund of the Philippines Inc.
One Wealthy Nation Fund Inc.
PAMI Asia Balanced Fund Inc.
PAMI Horizon Fund Inc.
Philam Fund Inc.
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Dynamic Fund Inc.
Bond Funds
ALFM Dollar Bond Fund Inc.
ALFM Euro Bond Fund Inc.
ALFM Peso Bond Fund Inc.
ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund Inc.
ATRAM Total Return Dollar Fund Inc.
Cocolife Fixed Income Fund Inc.
Ekklesia Mutual Fund Inc.
First Metro Save and Learn Dollar Bond Fund Inc.
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund Inc.
Grepalife Bond Fund Corporation
Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund Corp.
Grepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp.
MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund Inc.
MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund Inc.
PAMI Global Bond Fund Inc.
Philam Bond Fund Inc.
Philam Dollar Bond Fund Inc.
Philequity Dollar Income Fund Inc.
Philequity Peso Bond Fund Inc.
Soldivo Bond Fund Inc.
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund Inc.

Money Market Funds
ALFM Money Market Fund Inc.
Philam Managed Income Fund Inc.
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund Inc.