Sale of modules and learning materials is prohibited

deped modules and learning materials
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Sale of modules and learning materials is prohibited


The Department of Education (DepEd) issued a stern warning to those illegally selling its modules and learning materials online.

“These people are using free learning materials (LMs) from DepEd, and are shamelessly selling it online,” said Undersecretary Alain Pascua.

Reports from DepEd’s Curriculum and Instruction Strand, particularly its Bureau of Curriculum Development (BCD) and Bureau of Learning Delivery (BLD), show online sellers posting DepEd Learning Materials on popular online selling platforms offering various printed materials on different subject areas. Earlier reports also claim that DepEd’s Most Essential Learning Competencies or MELCs are being sold through YouTube subscriptions.

Pascua explained that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DepEd has had to resort to strengthening its various learning delivery modes in lieu of traditional face-to-face learning. One major development was the launch of DepEd Commons (, DepEd’s online learning resource portal where teachers and learners can access training demos, exercises, quizzes, and e-books.

“We are working non-stop – to create, check, and curate all our content to make it more accessible to everyone, only for these people to use it for their own gain. We are warning these individuals that DepEd will prosecute you,” Pascua added.

DepEd also warned teachers and the public to be wary of educational materials being peddled for sale as “authorized” or “official” DepEd MELCs, Workbooks or Worksheets, and DepEd Commons materials. As of this time, all materials are still being quality assured (QA) by the Curriculum and Instruction strand, particularly the Bureau of Learning Resources (BLR).

“All DepEd authorized and quality-assured materials are free, and they will be uploaded once finalized at the DepEd Commons where access and downloading will also be free. If they are being sold at this time, most probably these are still drafts,” Pascua said.

DepEd also warned of groups and individuals charging fees for supposedly free webinars conducted by DepEd, through its Educational Technology Unit (EdTech Unit).

“All DepEd Webinars are free! We do not charge anything for this online training. If webinar organizers are charging participation fees, then these are neither sanctioned nor authorized by DepEd,” Pascua warned.

DepEd Employees, either Teaching or Non-Teaching, will be charged the appropriate Administrative or Criminal charges for the illegal sale of learning materials and charging fees for free materials and training.

“We have dispatched our Field Coordinators to seek out illegal activities such as this, and we are in talks with our Legal Department for any legal action we can take on these erring groups and individuals” Pascua explained.

Complaints and reports may be sent via email to, or via the following contact numbers:

0919-456-0027 (Smart)
0995-921-8461 (Globe)

8636-1663 8638-7530
8636-1942 8638-7529
8634-0222 8638-7531
8638-8641 8635-9817

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