Senator of the Philippines: Things You Need To Know

By | November 30, 2015

senator of the philippines


12 Senators of the Philippines will be elected next year, 2016.


Many Candidates have filed their candidacy to run for the

position of Senator of the Philippines.


One of them is Alma Moreno. She is a Philippine actress and

an incumbent councilor in the City of Paranaque.


Remember that controversial interview made by veteran

broadcaster Karen Davila.


After watching the interview, I asked my self, What is the

job of a Senator of the Philippines. Why Alma Moreno wanted

this position?


I found out that these are some of the things you need to

know about a Senator of the Philippines.


1. A Senator has the power to make laws and to alter or repeal



2. No Senator shall serve for more than 2 consecutive terms.


There term of office is 6 years, commencing (unless otherwise

provided by law) at noon, 30 June next following their



3 Any person who wants to be a Senator must meet the following


  • Natural-born citizen
  • At least 35 years old on the day of election
  • Able to read and write
  • A registered voter and
  • Philippine resident for at least 2 years immediately
    preceding the day of the election.


4. A Senator can not be arrested while Congress is “in session”

with respect to offenses punishable by up to 6 years of



The immunity is only with respect to arrests and not to

prosecution for criminal offenses.


5. A Senator can not be questioned or held liable in any forum

other than his/her respective Congressional body for any debate

or speech in the Congress or in any Committee thereof.


Now I understand why A Senator can say whatever he/she wants

even if it offends other person because they can not be held

liable say for libel.


6. A Senator can be expelled from office when 2/3 of all Senators



7. A Senator has a Salary Grade of 33. Salary Grade 33 has an

equivalent rate of P35,000. A Senator receives just P35,000

a month salary.


But a Senator who is a chairman, vice chairman or member

of a committee receives a monthly amount of cash higher than

their monthly salary.


Every Senator is either a chairman, vice chairman, or member

of a committee.


8. A Senator shall not be considered resigned upon the filing of

his certificate of candidacy for the same or any other elective

office or position.


A Senator has a 6 years term right? on the 3rd year of his/her

term for instance, he/she runs for President or Vice

President and lost, he/she is still a Senator and he/she will

serve the remaining 3 years of his/her 6 years term.


While any person holding a public appointive office or position

like Mar Roxas of the DILG, including active members of the

Armed Forces of the Philippines, and other officers and employees

in government-owned or controlled corporations, shall be

considered resigned from his office upon the filing of his

certificate of candidacy.


Its nice to be a Senator of the Philippines, right?

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