Serenata of Betis, Guagua

Seranata of Betis
Serenata of Betis, Guagua | @kapampangan.words

Serenata of Betis, Guagua

Kapampángan holidays are made more lively by different brass bands that compete every year during the Christmas season!

SERENÁTA • (seh-reh-NAH-tuh)
open-air concert, esp. by a brass band playing overtures during town fiestas

Serenata of Betis
Betis, Guagua, Pampanga

Three of the best brass bands in Pampanga, including Sasmuan’s Banda 31 and Betis’ own Banda 48, perform in front of the famous Betis Church. These bands express and outplay each other by playing their number of musical pieces without repeating. They play their music by performing in front of a crowd until the wee hours. The band that has the most number of musical pieces played will be declared the winner. Angeles City and Sta. Rita has their own serenata that occurs during the fiesta and Holy Week, respectively, and makes the Betis one truly unique because it occurs during the Christmas holidays.

From Spanish serenata “serenade”

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