The Streets of Divisoria

The Streets of Divisoria
The Streets of Divisoria | @rebirth.manila

Getting to know the streets of Manila’s famed market area through its wares and products
Photo: Stephen Pamorada | Layout: Diego Torres

The market area known as “Divisoria” occupies several blocks and streets in the districts of San Nicolas, Binondo, and Tondo. Seemingly chaotic, there is actually some sense of order in these streets in that there are specific products that are sold in certain areas. This post allows outsiders to get familiar with some of the important streets of Divisoria. For those already familiar with the area, this post is an invitation to return to these streets.

Juan Luna Street – t-shirts, clothes, shirt printing services, fishing supplies, and tarpaulins (trapal).

Calle Ylaya – fabric, curtains, and tailored fit wears.

Calle Tabora – costumes, party needs, native products, and souvenir items.

Calle Santo Cristo – candies, snacks, and packaging needs.

Calle Elcano – onion and flour.

Carmen Planas Street, Tondo – second-hand or retro items, and miscellaneous materials.