Uitangcoy Santos House

uitangcoy santos house
Alberta Uitangcoy House | Image by @grupokalinangan

Uitangcoy Santos House

Alberta Uitangcoy was one of the young women who wrote a letter in December 1888 to Spanish Governor-General Valeriano Weyler for an operation of a night school in Malolos to serve as a venue for them to study the Spanish language.

Finished in 1914, the bahay na bato was the residence of Alberta Uitangcoy. She led the Women of Malolos in successfully petitioning for providing Spanish education to women.

The act of Alberta and her compatriots were lauded by Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, as an act of courage, and her group became known in history as the “Women of Malolos.”

In 2013, the house opened its doors to the public as a museum dedicated to the Women of Malolos.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines by virtue of Republic Act 10086 declared the Alberta Uitangcoy House located in Malolos City, Bulacan a heritage house in 2010.

The house was built by Alberta Uitangcoy and her Husband Paulino Santos in 1914 with an architectural design that was prevalent during the American period and serves as a mute witness to the rich socio-cultural life and development of the historic district of Malolos.

Source: NHCP Resolution No.7, S.2010

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