Are you among the Filipinos today who has a WalWal (wallet na walang laman) ?


How do you survive on a day of danger “petsa de peligro ? Share your
experience below.

Walwal | Land Bank of the Philippines


Walwal, acronym for “wallet na walang laman” is often experienced when you
spend more that what you earn.


It also occurs when you spend a lot during the period of wages or salary but
broke during the days when you mostly needed the money.


Be Walwal free and make it a habit to save money first before spending.


To avoid being severely broke at times you needed the money, discipline
yourself, and avoid dining out or partying regularly, and making aggrandizement


Your savings goal will be more effective if you deduct 20% of your monthly
income immediately and save it to a separate bank account and the remaining
80% will be allocated for your expenses.


Just remember this formula: Income-Savings = Expenses. LBP