Angel Manalo Wishes To Talk To His Brother Eduardo

Angel Manalo, the expelled INC member, wanted to talk to his brother Eduardo V Manalo about the issue of corruption in the Iglesia Ni Cristo.


Angel Manalo issued the statement of his desire to talk to his brother in their compound in Tandang Sora, Quezon City in the Philippines.


He said that he loved his brother Eduardo dearly and that where ever he may be, he would like to have a conversation with him together with their other family members especially their mother Cristina Manalo.


Angel Manalo has 5 other siblings. He has 2 other brothers and 3 sisters.


The problem that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is facing will be solved only when he and other members of the family will be able to talk to Eduardo V Manalo, the executive minister of the INC church.


Corruption in the Iglesia Ni Cristo is one of the issues that he would like to discuss with his brother. He further said that corruption in the church is not committed by everyone but only a few members and that is the Sanggunian.


The INC Sanggunian or the INC Ruling Council is accused by Angel Manalo as involved in the corruption. He specifically named June Santos, in charge of the church money and Radel Cortez, the INC church General Secretary.


One of the issues cited by Angel Manalo is the corruption in the Multi-Billion Philippine Arena in Bulacan. The Maintenance cost is very high and church members are having a hard time giving donations. Angel said evidence of his allegations will be released in a few weeks.


The INC church spokesman said last week that the allegations were not true and the church has its own audit of all donations coming from its members. He challenges those who allege the existence of corruption in the INC to bring out evidence. You may want to read: