It’s International TableTop Day, so here’s the trailer of Kapampángan film Apag (“dining table”; international title: Feast) which won Best Actress & Best Original Song in the 2023 Summer Metro Manila Film Festival last April which happened to also be Filipino Food Month!

APAG • (uh-PUHG)
dining table, (to) lay out on the table
Tagálog (Filipino): hapág

MAKAYAPAG • (muh-kuh-yuh-PUHG)
laid out on the table (such as food)
Tagálog (Filipino): nakaháin (“served”), nakalátag (“laid out”)

Verb Conjugation
manapag, mánapag, ménapag – to lay out on the table (Actor Focus)
yapag, yayapag, inapag – to lay something out on the table, such as food (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Makayapág na ing pámangan king lamésa. [Kap]
Nakaháin na ang pagkáin sa mésa. [Tag]
The food is already laid out on the table. [Eng]

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