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If Pampanga is the home of the parul (Christmas lantern), the province of Tarlac on the other hand is known for its belen (nativity scene) and yearly Belenismo or the tradition/art of making belén. This spectacle of hope is another attestation to Indung Kapampángan (the Kapampángan Motherland) being the center of Christmas culture in the Philippines!

BELEN • (beh-LEHN)
Christmas nativity scene
Tagálog (Filipino): belén

Belen Capital of the Philippines:
Province of Tarlac
The province of Tarlac is known for its belenismo or “the art of making belen” and holds the annual Belenismo sa Tarlac competition where life-sized illuminated belen are made by different towns and groups.

“Belen” comes from Belén, the Spanish word for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

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