Black Sand Beaches in Albay

black sand beaches in albay
Black Sand Beaches in Albay | @bicolmuseum

Black Sand Beaches in Albay

Ever wondered why there are black sand beaches in Albay?

While social media abounds with the beauty of white sand beaches, the underrated black sand beaches in Albay go unnoticed most of the time.

Hold your judgment because a black sand beach is not dirty! Here’s a reason why you should be proud of it instead.

Black sands in Albay are the result of Mayon’s volcanic activity. Mayon’s eroded volcanic materials such as lava, basalt rocks, and other dark-colored rocks and minerals result in black sand. The black sand beaches can be found mostly in the eastern and northern parts of Mayon Volcano (located along the coasts of Bacacay, Sto. Domingo, and Tiwi).

Though this pandemic has restricted us from going out, beaches are always part of human activities and leisure. Aside from this, it is a home for wildlife animals like sea turtles, shore and sea birds, beach mice, isopods, and other sand dwellers, marine mammals, beach spawning fish, and other aquatic organisms. Let us continue to protect and keep our beaches clean for a safer place for all the living organism-human and animals. If we can commit to this, we are doing future generations a favor by preserving our natural heritage for their benefit!

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