Mount Mayon Natural Park

mount mayon natural park
Mount Mayon Natural Park | Image Source: @DENROfficial

Mount Mayon Natural Park

Year established: November 21, 2000

Area covered: 5,327.15 hectares

Location: Albay

Municipalities covered:

  1. Legazpi,
  2. Ligao,
  3. Tabaco,
  4. Malilipot,
  5. Bacacay,
  6. Sto. Domingo,
  7. Daraga,
  8. Camalig, and
  9. Guinobatan.

Biological Characteristics:

  1. Home to 83 species of trees which include the critically endangered Dipterocarp species, the Gisok-gisok (Hopea philippinensis).
  2. Habitat for 104 species of land vertebrates including 57 species of birds, 34 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 13 species of mammals.

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