Buenavista Slab Bridge

buenavista slab bridge
Buenavista Slab Bridge | Philippine Construction Boom (fb/phcboom)

Buenavista Slab Bridge in Bontoc, Southern Leyte is famous for its unique waterless bridge and project of the Aquino Administration. Why is it being demolished?

Buenavista Slab Bridge sa Bontoc, Southern Leyte na sikat dahil sa pagiging kakaiba nito na tulay na walang tubig at proyekto ng Aquino Administration. Bakit nga ba ginigiba?
Sino taga Southern Leyte?

Bontoc/Buenavista Slab Bridge (2015)

DPWH explains rationale behind bridge

The bridge is necessary! That’s what the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) wants the public to know about the controversial Buenavista Slab Bridge. After years of getting laughed at by the people, the DPWH finally set the record straight to explain the rationale behind the bridge built on dry land.

DPWH-Southern Leyte explained that though there is no visible water on the dry land surrounding the bridge, it appears that there is a creek or even a river underground that’s making the ground soft.

This section of the road has been rebuilt three times but keeps getting easily damaged; thus, DPWH-Southern Leyte engineers decided to build the bridge so they could put the foundation deeper into the ground to stabilize the structure.

As for the railings, these were added for the safety of passersby and vehicles, in the event that the bridge might accidentally sink all of a sudden in the future.

Source: Philippine Construction Boom (fb/phcboom)
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