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December 11 is also International Mountain Day! Did you know that the English word “boondocks” is from a Philippine word that means “mountain”?

BUNDUK • (boon-DOOK)
Tagálog (Filipino): bundók

Etymology of “boondocks”
The English word “boondocks”, which means “a rural area”, was borrowed from Tagalog bundók (“mountain”), a cognate of Kapampángan bunduk (“mountain”), during the American colonial era of the Philippines (1900s-1940s).

Mt. Arayat (Bunduk Aráyat or Bunduk Aláya)
Pampanga’s iconic two-peaked mountain within its borders stands as a lone mountain in the middle of the plains of Central Luzon. It is considered sacred to early Kapampángans as it is believed to be the abode of the Kapampángan sun god Áring Sinukuan (“King Sinukuan”).

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