Buriki Taxi

Buriki Taxi is a new modus operandi employed by criminals.

Buriki Taxi is a taxi driven by a driver who is in connivance with another who will hide in the trunk of the taxi.

A person will hide in the trunk of a buriki taxi without the passengers being aware.

The person inside the trunk of a buriki taxi will look for any valuables contained in the passengers’ bag put in the trunk of the taxi.

This kind of modus operandi was discovered by Ariel Ortal, a security guard in Pasay City when he was helping a passenger get their baggage from the trunk.

The Security Guard was astounded when he saw a man hiding inside the trunk of a taxi while helping a passenger.

Olimpio Padernal, the man caught in the act of hiding in the trunk of the taxi said that he politely asked the driver, Joseph Tatad for a free ride until Malate, Manila, Philippines. The Driver said yes on the condition that if there is a passenger who will ride the taxi, he will get out of the taxi. He further said that perhaps the driver was very compassionate to allow him to ride in the trunk of the buriki taxi. A knife was found in his possession.

According to the Pasay Police Department, Buriki Taxi is a modus operandi of criminals whose main intention is to steal things inside the passengers’ bags and put them in the taxi’s trunk.

The arrested suspects will be charged with a criminal offense for violating the provisions of section 51 of Republic Act 4136 or Hitching On A Vehicle and Illegal Possession of Deadly Weapon.