USS Fort Worth To Participate In Carat 2015

USS Fort Worth.


The Philippines and the US will again conduct a naval exercise.


Among the ships involved will be the US latest ship USS

Fort Worth.


Fort Wort is a new US Navy ship. It has an embarked helicopter

capable of anti-submarine warfare. It has also a giant drone

for surveillance purposes and one small armed helicopter

operated remotely. This small helicopter is capable of firing

rockets against potential targets.


One of USS Fort Worth mission is to monitor whats happening

in the West Philippine sea.


US Navy Cmdr. Michael Jarret Jr., the commanding officer of

the USS Fort Worth said that they saw a lot of different navy

operating in the area like China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the



USS Fort Worth is said to be a littoral combat ship capable

of operating in shallow water and well suited to operate in

those kind of environment. USS Fort Worth is very fast, it is

said that it can travel at 40 knots per hour.


The USS Forth Worth is in Palawan, Philippines to participate

in the yearly CARAT exercise between the US and the Philippines.


The CARAT is a naval exercise conducted yearly between the US

and the Philippines intended to strengthen the cooperation

between the navies of both countries specially in cases of

natural disaster and calamities.


Rear Admiral Leopoldo Alano, the Philippine Fleet commander

said that the Philippine Navy will have a gunnery exercises

to test the proficiency of the Philippine Del Pilar navy

ships both surface and air targets.


In other parts of Palawan, the Philippine Navy and the

Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is also conducting

naval exercises.


Rommel Banlaoi, a security analyst said that the risk of

conflict in the area became huge because the military,

para-military and civilian activities in the area went up.


He further said that if you involved a major power in the

area, you also increase the risk of major power rivalry.