Filipino Bloggers, 3 Things To Consider When You Buy WordPress Themes

By | May 2, 2018

3 Things You Must Consider When You Buy WordPress Themes


Most of you my fellow Filipinos love to blog right. You may be residing
locally or abroad but I am pretty much sure that you like to blog.


Most of you use the blogspot/blogger platform of Google.


Some of you uses the platform.


Eventually you realize the potential of monetizing your blog after having substantial number of monthly traffic. A nice sideline right?


It is then that you realize to get serious with your blog.


This article is intended primarily for Filipino bloggers blogging on the  free platform. But anybody can follow.


To realize the full potential of monetizing your wordpress blog, you need to buy
a domain name. A lot of companies sell domain name for cheap. I bought mine from namecheap.


The next thing to do is to move your blog to a self hosted blog.
Meaning, you have to find a web hosting company to host your blog.


My blog is hosted on Namecheap.


Namecheap offers $2.88 per month of wordpress hosting. It comes with a free
domain name. Check it out.


After buying a domain name and web hosting, you may be interested to buy a wordpress themes. A lot of wordpress themes are sold to be advertisement ready.

buy wordpress themes

I bought my wordpress theme from mythemeshop. I bought mine for $59. But it
occasionally sell at a discount just like now, it offers to sell its wordpress
themes for $19.


So, you decided to buy a wordpress theme.


When you buy wordpress themes, Check that the following features are

  1. You must pay a one time fee
  2. It must provide a lifetime support and updates or pay a yearly support
    for a minimal fee.
  3. You must be able to use your theme on unlimited domains

When you starts to blog in the hosted wordpress platform, You once searched for a  wordpress theme that you intended to use for a very long time. You do not want to  change your wordpress theme every so often.


I might guess that you are once a frequent visitor of the official
repositories of free themes.


Soon you may discover that you wanted a theme that you can not find in the free
wordpress theme repositories.


So you will begin searching the internet for a premium or paid wordpress theme to
use in you wordpress blog.


Abundance of Premium Themes Provider gives you a very wide options to choose from.


You might be tempted to immediately buy wordpress themes that you like based solely  on price. But beware of what you buy.


Most Premium or Paid WordPress providers may entice you to buy the themes they sell  by using the following words and phrases:

  • 24/7 Unlimited Support
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Fully Responsive Designs
  • Make Your Site Load Fast
  • Built-In Ad Management
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Compatible With Major Browsers
  • Contact Forms Included
  • Themes Develop Using Latest HTML 5 and CSS3 Markup
  • SEO Optimized
  • Advanced Features like Shortcodes and Theme Options
  • Rock Solid Framework

Please consider the above features when you buy wordpress themes but that should not  be the sole basis of your choice.


To reiterate, Important Things To Look For When You Buy WordPress Themes.

  1. The Theme must offer a lifetime update.
    Do not fall for those phrases like unlimited update. That
    unlimited update might be for just one year only. After that,
    updates stop.
  2. When you buy wordpress themes, It must be a one time fee.
    No recurring monthly charges. When you are just starting to
    blog in the hosted wordpress platform, you must try to limit
    your recurring expenses to domain name and hosting only.
  3. The theme that you will buy must allow you to install it to
    several of your blog sites. There are theme providers which
    restricts the use of the purchased wordpress theme to just
    one site.

The wordpress theme I use in this blog was bought from MyThemeshop.


I bought it for a one time fee. It offers excellent support and customization.
It offers premium support and updates for one year only like most of the popular
wordpress themes provider.


After one year, support and updates stop but you can still use the theme for life.


The few reasons why I am still using the theme I bought from Mythemeshop are its  speed, simplicity and easy customization. I can always pay for support for a
minimal fee anytime I want.

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