Christmas Capital of the Philippines

Christmas Capital of the Philippines
Christmas Capital of the Philippines | @kapampangan.words

What makes Pampanga the Christmas Capital of the Philippines? Let’s take a look back at some Kapampángan Christmas symbols and traditions that have earned Pampanga its title as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines!

Filipinos are known for celebrating the most extended Christmas in the world (September to early January) and a bright and flashy Christmas is the highlight of Kapampangan culture as Pampanga is the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

Pampanga is the oldest Philippine province born around Christmas (On December 11, 1571). It is the birthplace of the parol or traditional Filipino Christmas Lantern which is now the most famous Kapampangan symbol and star (literally) of Filipino Christmas.

Parul (Christmas Star Lanterns)

The Parul is the most famous symbol of Kapampangans and an icon of Filipino Christmas. The city of San Fernando, Pampanga holds the Ligligan Parul, or Giant Lantern Festival.

Sanikulas (Kapampangan St. Nick Cookies)

These Kapampangan heirloom cookies from the town of Mexico are made using intricate wooden molds bearing an image of Saint Nicholas.

Lubenas (Kapampangan Lantern Procession)

The City of Angeles is known for its intricate lace-patterned lanterns that are paraded during the lubenas or the Kapampangan procession of Christmas lanterns.

Majigangga (Kapampangan Christmas Puppets)

The town of Santa Ana is known for its majiganggas or Kapampangan Giant Christmas Puppets) that is said to represent the evil banished during Christmas.

Kuraldal (Kapampangan Ritual Dance for Saints)

The town of Samuan is known for its Kuraldal Festival in honor of its patron St. Lucy celebrated during Three King’s Day (January 6) which marks the end of the Filipino Christmas season.

Christmas Music (Pastorela and Serenata)

The Kapampangan Christmas wouldn’t be complete without its traditional Christmas music, such as the Pastorela (Christmas church music) of Mabalacat and the Serenata (Brass Band Concert) of Betis, Guagua!

Christmas Food (Duman, Ligang Pascu, Patcu, and more)

Pampanga is also known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, so you get food that’s literally named after Christmas, such as Patcu or Christmas crepe, and Ligang Pasku, or Christmas soup dish!