Sanikulas Cookies

Sanikulas Cookies
Sanikulas Cookies – Kapampangan heirloom cookies with an image of Saint Nicholas | @kapampangan.words

Sanikulas Cookies

ST. NICK COOKIES? Here’s a miraculous Kapampángan heirloom delicacy that is named after Saint Nicholas!

Pan de San Nicolas originated from St. Nicolas de Tolentino, one of the most beloved saints of Pampanga.

Old folklore stories tell that the cookies were baked carefully, stored in large jars, and fed to a person struck by illness along with an accompanying prayer.

Pan de San Nicolas is a buttery shortbread-like cookie made with arrowroot flour, coconut milk, and egg yolks.

Also known as Penecillos de Saniculas of Pampanga, these Filipino heritage cookies are molded from intricate cookie molds of heirloom origin.

Each wooden mold bares different insignias of different families, with some molds dating back as old as 200 years.

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