Conservation and Protection of Tamaraw in Mindoro

tamaraw in mindoro
Conservation and Protection of Tamaraw in Mindoro | @DENROfficial via @UPLBHaringIbon

Conservation and Protection of Tamaraw in Mindoro

Did you know? October is the Special Month for the Conservation and Protection of the Tamaraw in Mindoro thru Presidential Proclamation No. 273 of 2002.

The scientific name of Tamaraw is Bubalus mindorensis.

The Tamaraw is the largest land animal native to the Philippines. Most of its population can be currently found on Mount Iglit-Baco Natural Park in Mindoro, which is the last frontier for the critically endangered species.

According to Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (MBCF), the 2019 population of Tamaraw is around 480 which is lower compared to the 523 population count in the year 2018.

The constant decline in their population has been associated to the loss of habitat and illegal poaching, both in the past and the present.

In hopes to save the Tamaraw from extinction, various organizations have intervened and worked side-by-side.

World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines, LGU of Sablayan, Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation inc. (MBCFI), and Far Eastern University (FEU), Tamaraw Society by the Philippine Parks & Biodiversity, Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN). United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) worked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Tamaraw Conservation Program (DENR-TCP) held various fundraising at policy implementation to strengthen the conservation efforts.

Since the pandemic, the rangers tasked with protecting the Philippine Tamaraw struggles as the program becomes underfunded due to the pandemic.

Hence, the (TogetherforTamaraws) campaign was held to support the wardens and rangers protecting the Tamaraws in Mindoro last year. To be able to support efforts this year, stay tuned for upcoming events of concerned organizations dedicated to the preservation of the said project.

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