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It was National Orange Juice a few days ago! How do you say “orange” in your language?

DALANDAN • (duh-luhn-DUHN)
sour orange/green orange (Citrus aurantium)
Tagálog (Filipino): dalandán

From Spanish naranja (“orange”)

Derived Word
DALANGÍTA • (duh-luh-NGEE-tuh)
a smaller Philippine variety of the mandarin orange with green skin (Citrus nobilis)
Tagálog (Filipino): dalanghíta

From Spanish naranjita, diminutive of naranja (“orange”)

Usage Notes
The dalandan (from Spanish naranja) refers to a specific type of citrus fruit known as the sour orange (Citrus aurantium) which is characteristically green-skinned.

It is often used to refer to oranges in general, and is also frequently interchanged with the smaller dalangíta or mandarin orange (Citrus nobilis).

People often don’t make a distinction between the dalandan or dalangíta and interchange them with each other.

A general and more formal Filipino term for “orange” is kahél (from Spanish cajel).

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