Different types of Longganisa

different types of longganisa
Different types of Longganisa | Image Source: creativemanila.com via Celina Julia Borromeo for www.travelbook.ph

Different Types of Longganisa

A longganisa is a type of smoked chorizo or sausage stuffed inside a hog casing. It is a common viand for breakfast in Filipino homes.

Generally, there are two types of Longganisa:
1. Garlicky (de Recado)
2. Sweet (Jamonado)

Below are some of the well-known Filipino longganisa:

  1. Vigan Longganisa – garlicky, spicy, and tangy, influenced by the Mexican Salami. Best served with sukang Ilocos.
  2. Pampanga Longganisa – sweet, skinless, and brown. Locally known as Guagua.
  3. Alaminos Longganisa – loaded with lots of garlic for a stronger flavor. Hung using a buli grass string.
  4. Bacolod Longganisa – rich sweet flavor and smoky taste. Contains big chunks of fat.
  5. Tuguegarao Longganisa – stuffed with lots of garlic. Used to scare off aswangs.
  6. Lucban Longganisa – salty with a faint garlicky taste. Used as an ornament during Pahiyas.
  7. Cebu Longganisa – a mix of de Recado and Jamonado. Sweet and spicy with a hint of garlic. Can be skinless or placed in a hog casing.