Do they speak Spanish in the Philippines?

Do they speak Spanish in the Philippines? This is the question I often times
read in various forums.


Filipinos no longer speaks Spanish.


Filipino and English are the official languages of the Philippines and these are
recognized by the Philippine Constitution, the highest law in the Philippines.

do they speak spanish in the philippines
Philippine Spanish Friendship Day | Photo Credit

Today coincidentally is the Philippine-Spanish friendship day.


Philippine-Spanish friendship day is celebrated on June 30 of each year.


The celebration of this event is by virtue of RA 9187.


RA 9187 is an act declaring June 30 of the year as Philippine Spanish friendship


The Thirtieth of June of each year is hereby declared as Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day to commemorate the cultural and historical ties, friendship and cooperation between the Philippines and Spain. It is hereby declared as a national special working holiday and a special non-working holiday in Aurora Province.


It is a national special working holiday in aurora province because the author of the law, Senator Edgardo Angara is from that province.


The Philippines is the only former colony of Spain to proclaim its friendship by law.


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