Pag Ibig Housing Loan Is Now Affordable

You can apply for a pag ibig housing loan if you are an active member with a 24-month


You can also remit a lump sum to complete the 24-month contribution and expedite your
pag ibig housing loan application.


All housing loans applications including pag ibig fund housing loan requirements for
ofw are subject to the terms and conditions set by existing guidelines.

pag ibig housing loan
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A Pag Ibig house loan is an affordable housing loan program with minimum interest and
lowest amortization for minimum wage earners.


Now, even if your income is low, you can get a house you can call your own home.


You can apply for a pag ibig housing loan and loan up to P750 thousand pesos.


The interest is as low as 4.5 percent per annum and as low as P2,280 monthly amortization.


The P2,280 monthly amortization with 4.5 percent interest per year


The sample interest rate mentioned above and monthly amortization are based                     on the loan amount of 450,000 and applicable for the first ten years of the                            30 year loan term.


The sample monthly amortization is for the principal and the interest only.