Pag-Ibig Fund Calamity Loan

Are you aware that an active member of the Pag-Ibig Fund is entitled to the Pag-Ibig
Fund Calamity Loan if the member reside in a place declared by the local government unit
(LGU) as under a state of calamity?


In the event of a typhoon or any calamity, you as an active member can expect to
avail of the Pag-Ibig Fund Calamity Loan.


Compared to banks and other private lending institutions, the loan interest is very
low, it is 5.95% per annum or per year. The interest rate previously was 10.75% per

pag-ibig fund calamity loan
Pag-Ibig Fund Calamity Loan: Photo Owner (Pag-Ibig Fund)


You can avail of the maximum loan equivalent to 80% of your total savings from
the fund.


You will be given three (3) months grace period before you start to pay your
first amortization of your Pag-Ibig Fund Calamity Loan so that you can efficiently
effectively managed your money for your needs.