On this day, February 17

february 17
On this day, February 17 | @paradaNHS

On this day, February 17, in 1872 the killing of the three martyr priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora took place.

The official calendar of the Republic of the Philippines: an almanac of Philippine commemorations enlivened with illustrations and information. –Manila: Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, [2014].

On this day in 2008, Kosovo declared Independence from Serbia. Later, the International Court of Justice recognized this statement although Serbia disagreed.

On this day in 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev began building the “periodic table through cards on which the names of the elements and their properties are written. He spent the day arranging the cards until he came up with a layout he liked.

February is National Health Insurance Month (Proclamation No. 1400, s. 2007).

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