Felipe Padilla de Leon

Felipe Padilla de Leon
Felipe Padilla de Leon | @nccaofficial

Remembering the life and works of National Artist for Music Felipe Padilla de Leon on his 30th death anniversary.  (May 1, 1912 – December 5, 1992)

Felipe Padilla de Leon was a composer, conductor, and scholar, who utilized the essence of Filipino folk music to create masterpieces. The prodigious body of de Leon’s musical composition (art songs, opera, concertos, and music for all occasions) has become the full expression of the sentiments and aspirations of the Filipinos in times of strife and peace, making him the epitome of a people’s musician. His notable works include ‘Mariang Makiling Overture’, ‘Roca Encantada’, ‘Orchesterstuk’, ‘Payapang Daigdig’, ‘Ako’y Pilipino’, and ‘Lupang Tinubuan’.

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