First River Crossing: Puente Grande

puente grande
First River Crossing: Puente Grande | Renacimiento Manila (rebirth.manila)

First River Crossing: Puente Grande

The first bridge to span the Pasig River was the Puente Grande. Built between 1626 to 1630, the bridge connected the northern district of Binondo to Manila and Parian in the south.

The bridge featured ten stone piers that supported a wooden deck. The wooden deck could be destroyed to thwart rebels. A gatehouse and watchtower, the Fortin y Mira, defended the southern end of the bridge.

The bridge stood for 200 years, used by both vehicles and pedestrians. Eight of the ten spans were rebuilt in stone during the 1800s.

The Puente Grande was damaged during the 1863 earthquake. It was replaced by the Puente de Espana, which was later replaced by the old Jones Bridge.

The old site of the bridge is located 70 feet east of Jones Bridge.

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