How much does a jeepney cost in the Philippines?

how much does a jeepney cost in the philippines
Jeepney cost in the Philippines | Image Credit: Sarao Motors Inc.


How much does a jeepney cost in the Philippines?

A 20 passenger capacity jeepney in the Philippines cost Php 695,000.00 cash and a total of Php 820,000.00 if paid on installment.

SARAO Motors Inc., a leading manufacturer of jeepney in the Philippines is offering to sell its jeepneys in 36 monthly installments. The downpayment is Php 450,000.00 and the balance of Php 370,000.00 shall be paid a monthly installment of Php 10,278.00 for 36 months.

Some of the features of the jeepneys for sale are the following:
1. The engine is a reconditioned Isuzu 4BC1 engine;
2. Stainless (the latest jeepney models);
3. With stereo and stickers;
4. 75% stainless body.

Note: The cost cited above may no longer be current.

For your inquiries, you may keep in touch with Sarao Motors Inc.
1. By calling 553-0175 | 872-0154 | 553-0131 or mobile phone number 0920-619-9707
2. By visiting Pulanglupa, Las Pinas City, Philippines
3. By sending an email at

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