How to spot fake Philippine money?

How to spot fake Philippine money?

In order to ascertain the genuineness of Philippine banknotes, the BSP advises the public to carefully feel, look, and tilt
their banknotes to check for security features, as illustrated below:

How to spot fake Philippine money? | Image Credit: BSP



1. Security Paper
2. Embossed Prints
3. Tactile Marks



4. Watermark
5. Security Fiber
6. Asymmetric Serial Number
7. See-through Mark



8. Security Thread
9. Concealed Numerical Value
10.Optically Variable ink for 1000-Piso and 500-Piso
11.Optical Variable Device Patch (1000-Piso)
12.Enhanced Value Panel (1000-Piso and 500-Piso)


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