Feel-Look-Tilt method to check Philippine banknotes

feel-look-tilt method
Feel-Look-Tilt method to check Philippine banknotes | @PIA_RIII

Feel-Look-Tilt method to check Philippine banknotes

Check your banknotes. Use the Feel-Look-Tilt method to check its security features.

1. Security Paper
2. Embossed Prints

3. Watermark
4. Security Fiber
5. Asymmetric Serial Number
6. See-Through Mark

7. Security Thread
8. Concealed Value
9. Optically Variable Ink
10.Optically Variable Device Patch

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) advises the public to carefully check the security features of their Philippine banknotes to ensure their genuineness.

The BSP is verifying reports circulating in messaging apps and social media platforms on the existence of alleged counterfeit 1000-Piso banknotes.

Under Republic Act No. 10951, counterfeiters of Philippine currency are subject to the penalty of imprisonment of at least 12 years and 1 day and a fine not exceeding two million pesos.

The BSP encourages the public to immediately report any information on counterfeiting of Philippine currency to the nearest police station or law enforcement agency for appropriate action.

The public may also reach the Payments and Currency Investigation Group (PCIG) at email address currencyinvestigation@bsp.gov.ph.‚Äč

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