Founder of Partido Nacionalista

founder of partido nacionalista
Founder of Partido Nacionalista | @DTCAM_

Founder of Partido Nacionalista: Macario Sakay (Ang huling katipunero. Ang Pangulo ng Republika ng Katagalugan).

Born on the 1st of March 1878, along Tabora street in Tondo, Manila, Macario Sakay y de León was a Filipino General during the 1896 Spanish Revolution up until the Philippine-American War.

As a veteran Katipunero, he then later became the president of the Tagalog Republic wherein he issued a manifesto that states the Filipino’s right to self-determination as a show of support for independence which was considered a crime by the American colonial government back then.

Besides his outstanding patriotism, Macario Sakay is also the founder of Partido Nacionalista which aimed to achieve Philippine Independence through diplomacy.

[Photo Reference: I.R. Arenas]

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