Huani | @natmuseumswm via Photo: Emerald Garden

Huani or Juani

Huani (Mangifera odorata) is a popular variety of mango in Mindanao because of its unique smell. The ripe fruit has an orange-yellow firm flesh that is fibrous, sourish-sweet, juicy, with a pungent smell and taste.

Its exact origin remains unknown. It is widely cultivated in Borneo, Sumatra, and Java and confined to Borneo’s coastal towns. It is also found in peninsular Thailand, South Sulawesi, and the Philippines on the Sulu Archipelago and neighboring islands of Mindanao south coastal area.

Juani is called kaweni or bembem in Indonesia, and huani or wani in Malaysia. While in the Philippines, it is called huani, uani or juani.

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