Lipote Fruit Tree

By | August 27, 2020
lipote fruit tree

Lipote FruitĀ  | Image Credit: @DENROfficial via Abigail Garrino


Lipote Fruit Tree

The flowering and fruiting stages of Lipote!

Did You Know? that Lipote has been listed under “Rare and vanishing fruit trees and shrubs in the Philippines” by Dr. Domingo Madulid?

Most of us know of duhat that blooms and fruits during summertime. It is so common that many of us think it’s native to the Philippines, but it’s not. Lipote, on the other hand, is a staple to the summer days of those in Isabela, Quezon, and Palawan.

it is a relative of duhat, but one that is found in the Philippines and only in the Philippines!.

Despite being endemic to the Philippine, lipote is not considered an endangered species. However, it has been included in Dr. Domingo Madulid’s list of “Rare and Vanishing fruit trees and shrubs in the Philippines”.

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