Ibaloi Myths

ibaloi myths
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Ibaloi Myths

Long ago, before the earth was created, there were only the Skyworld and the Underworld.

People living in both worlds did not get along and were constantly at war. One day, someone from the Underworld shot an arrow to the Skyworld but missed and hit the sun instead. The sun then decided to create the earth to stop those in the Underworld in shooting the Skyworld.

The Earth soon became the hunting ground of both worlds. One day, the Skyworld hunters were after a deer which passed by the place where Underworld hunters were. They immediately killed the deer, making the Skyworld hunters angry, which resulted to another fight. Some people from each world were killed, the bodies were left behind when they returned to their worlds.

Both however mistakenly left one hunter each, thinking they were dead, a man from the Skyworld and a woman from the Underworld. When they regained their health, they married and had many children from whom the Ibaloi descended.

Reference: NM-Planetarium

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